Talk Thoughtfully

Talkful is a place for high quality conversation. Conversation that informs. Conversation that supports. Conversation that creates common ground.

Argue in Private / Agree in Public

Arguing is important, but is best done in private. In Talkful, you can only reply to someone's post privately, but they can publish it if they like it.

Groups you are proud to be published in

Anyone in the group can contribute, but only the best contributions get published to be seen by the rest of the group. This lets you keep quality high, even when the group gets large.

Gradually Gather Social Proof

Add people to a post one at a time, edit in response to early feedback, and only submit it to be published in a group once you are sure it is good. Avoid looking stupid in front of lots of people at once.

Empathy, not Outrage

Conventional social media products naturally reward trolling behavior, but making it easy to embarrass people in front of an audience. Talkful is designed to empathy rather thna outrage.

For Work and Play

Talkful is useful whenever a group wants to exchange information, help each other, build concensus, and organize around a shared mission.